People be smart about this…

Naturopath? NOT!!!!


This is my first post, motivated by a self proclaimed Naturopathic Doctor from Accra Ghana named Osas, now going by Dr Edidia, Okoughbo, Agaga, Astogo, Aziza, Ozieng, Idumebolo, Enoma, Obakosu, Ogba Kosu, Jaja, Oziengbe, Obor21, Ketu Pako, Otor, and any other name he creates on Youtube comment section or blogs. As of late he’s going by new names that he created and placed “DR” in the title but the gimmick is the same. He’s now creating fake post’s claiming to give patient testimonies. He advertised he didn’t TREAT however CURES HIV/AIDS,  all kinds of Cancers, Hepatitis ABC, Herpes 1/2, Diabetes, STD’s, Epilepsy, Migraines, Anxiety, Chronic Dis- Eases and the list go’s on & on…..

I’ve have a reccuring fever blister atleast twice a year since age 15, i’m now 47. After coming across information online about the virus that causes my fever blister, can actually be cured versus just treating the symptoms. I started my quest online to find help in the cure. I came across various Naturopaths claiming to have the cure in the form of natural herbs. What i discovered from researching is they all mention round about the same herbs with alternative treatments. What was left out was the way in which the layman can prepare them himself….uh huh, in comes the Naturopath to the rescue.  Only deal is the price. After contacting Doctor Osas @ doctorosasherbalhome@gmail.com, he returned my email and asked specific questions in the form of an assessment. He then quoted me a price of $285. USD.


screenshot_20161014-1902261NO MENTION OF SEPARATE SHIPPING CHARGES (remember that, we’ll revisit it). After sending the $285 thru Western Union, a follow up email followed saying “The money is cashed and i will prepare your medicine ASAP”. After multiple emails telling me to verify my address, Osas sends me an email saying i will send it FEDEX ONLINE SERVICE.


Now the FedEx Online Service…..ah man.



Where’s the number Doc?? Just an email, HUH? (FLAG)


I phoned Doctor Osas @ 223-26-656-5315 (the number he originally called me from). I asked him to clarify this additional $595USD in addition to the $285 i already paid and he kept saying i can’t hear you but at the same time kept reassuring me on the success of his herbs. Every time i asked why he didn’t disclose approximate shipping charges then he would retort back to the success of his herbs. Doctor Osas when confronted more he hung up the phone. I didn’t receive anything. Let’s put a stop to this CRIMINAL. I’ve also found out that Doctor Osas created multiple blogs and commented as if he is a cured customer and gives a positive post. This has to be so that he attracts more victims to his scheme. I will post more as i come across more…….Be Careful People.

December 27th 2018 UPDATE. This scammer is now using “weebly.com” to post for new victims as this website doesn’t allow “comments”. He’s free to post testimonials. New name DR. Edidia at http://dredidiaherbalhome.weebly.com/ dredidiaherbalhome@gmail.com also using the email    rosesharon915@gmail.com, or whatsapp +2349074505296 stay tuned.😉